Venetian Bay Auction Part 4

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Monday, October 12, 2009 

I have been asked several questions about the upcoming auction at Venetian Bay, here are the questions and answers.

All the advertising for the upcoming auction at Venetian Bay states that 10 of the units are Absolute Auctions, what does that mean?

That means the unit will be sold to the highest bidder if the auctioneer accepts a starting bid. If the builder does not like the bids that are being offered, he does not have to accept the bids and does not have to sell the unit.

Can I pre register for the auction?

Yes, you can just send me an E-mail and I will pre register you.

Can I bid online?

Yes, you can bid online, by phone, or I can bid for you. I will be happy to be on the phone with you or you can send me a text message.

Do I have to put down a deposit?

Yes, you will need a cashiers check for $10,000 on deposit before the auctions begins. The check should be made out to yourself.

Will any more money be required on the day of the auction?

If you win, you will be required to put 10% down on the purchase, your $10,000 deposit check will apply towards the 10%.

Can I finance my purchase?


Don't forget the free timeshare to the first accepted offer at Savannah Point, after closing if you write the contract with me. The timeshare is with Wyndham Vacation Resorts and is 105,000 points, valued at over $8000. The timeshare will be deeded to you after closing and will be yours for life to use each year starting in 2010. Please visit their website to learn more about the resorts.

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