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Home Stager with Look Group

A real estate marketing story.  Jack and Jill have just seen a listing photo of a home that matches their needs. It's within their price range, and it has all the features they want.

Now, continuing in the process, they read the details of the home and check out the online photos that describe the house.  This is when your listing photos either moves them forward, or leaves them behind.

Your goal is to get as many interested buyers as possible to visit the home, which will increase the likelihood of a sale. So you have to go beyond the basics. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Put the reader in the house.
Visually describe the actual enjoyment that results from a particular feature (as opposed to describing the feature by itself). For example, below are examples of what buyers think when previewing a home on line.

A room that is not market ready, bold color that will take several coats of paint to cover, in which the buyers do not want to do, they want a move in ready home, will this paint color even go with our existing bedding, must get pretty hot in this home even in the chillier months, or why in the heck does a fan need to be here, an unmade bed that does not seduce you to even spend time in the bedroom.  Nice views!

red bedroom

 You have got to be kidding this bathroom is disgusting, 80% of women concurred in a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation

filthy bathroom

vacant rooms are not warm and inviting, they are lonely, cold, empty, barren and do not give the impression of home sweet home.  Believe it or not home ownership is still considered to be one of the primary goals in life.

vacant room

I've exaggerated the contrast between these examples for demonstration purposes. But you get the idea.

Buyers are looking for more than a house. They also want a home. A house is walls and ceilings. A home is where memories are made. It's up to you to bring this across with your visual listing language.  Top Realtors agree that real estate staging is essential when marketing homes for sale.  Include Staging Checklist in your listing packet to be sure your home sellers prepare their home for market.  Marketing tools are critical to getting new prospects and keeping past clients (If you would like the Staging Checklist customized with your branding email me at  Happy selling!

home staging checklist


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