Real Estate iPhone Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

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  1. Zillow:  Brings the power of Zillow to your iPhone with a really slick interface.  A valuable tool for buyers and sellers.  Estimates home values across the country.  Look for this to go hyper local (Tallahassee!) by taking advantage of the iPhones built in GPS. 
  2. iPhones Real Estate Dictionary:  A handy application providing quick access to terms.
  3. Puluwai:  hyper local search for listings.  Pretty bare bones at the moment but shows plenty of promise.  Imagine being notified via a text message when you drive by a listing that matches your search guidelines.
  4. Yelp:  Contains a summary of your online reputation.  It has a lot of users so make sure, as a business, you pay attention to your online reputation.

Don’t be afraid, try them out.  Be sure to comment if you have any more app recommendations.



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