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Last week one of my clients got an accepted offer after making quite a few unsuccessful ones. If you're actively house hunting and making offers with no success, here's a story for you. Being a deligent agent, Debbie Baldes aways makes sure to check several times a day if new homes that fit her clients' specific needs came out in the market. And this time was no different. She noticed a new property in the market and scheduled an appointment that same day for our clients to see the inside. The house was a charm so she advised them to make an offer RIGHT AWAY. The reason behind the "right away" was because Debbie knew that the property wouldn't be around for long. Even days. They immediately got a verbal acceptance and the rest is history.

So what's the big deal? Well, the next day that same property had other offers up to $20,000 higher than our client's offer and if it wasn't for the sense of urgency and the trust between all parties, our buyers wouldn't be in escrow now and would risk loosing the chance of taking advantage of the $8,000 tax credit.

The lesson..."ACT NOW...THINK LATER", Debbie says. Don't be afraid of making an offer on a house that you like because you'll always have time to do all your inspections and due diligence. But you need to get the offer in. Listen to your agent.

hoIn this real estate environment it is crucial that you trust your Realtor. A few hours could make a difference. You sooze...you loose. With home prices as low as they are and rates at historic lows, investors are coming in with cash offers and the houses are going very fast. So make sure you work with an agent that understands the market and is pro-active. Follow their lead and you'll get the keys to your home.

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Amy Jones
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Nice to hear a success story. Trust between the parties is so important. Thanks for sharing.

Nov 05, 2009 12:45 AM