What’s in a Neighborhood? For Seattle and its Homes, there's plenty!

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Searching for homes for sale in Seattle, like in any big City, should be done with a deeper understanding of the neighborhoods in mind. Not just neighborhoods per say, but even the micro markets that surround those neighborhoods.


When it comes to homes for sale in Seattle, it may first be important to become a student of these areas before making a decision to purchase. Become a historian of that area...understanding the micro economy and the subtleties that make up a particular neighborhood...believe me, there's more to the differences than just price.


Many of Seattle's neighborhoods carry a rich history, not only in the name of the area but the interesting ways some of these areas came to be.


Take the Maple Leaf neighborhood for example. A quiet, unassuming neighborhood in North Seattle loaded with beautiful Maple trees that line the streets; one would assume it's name comes from the those trees. However, some say the name may have come from the Maple Saw Mill that operated to the east on Lake Washington and another popular story is that in the early days of Seattle's settlement the neighborhood was "so far north, it might as well have been Canada", and was named "Maple Leaf" as an inside joke.


Then there is the Magnolia neighborhood, a wonderful community and Seattle's second largest neighborhood by area. It's said that although Magnolia trees do line W. McGraw Street in the neighborhood's commercial district, Magnolia's naming was actually a misnomer. While out at sea, Captain Vancouver saw the huge Madrona trees atop the peninsula's southern bluffs but mistook them for Magnolias and noted this in the ship's log.


So, the next time you search for homes for sale in Seattle, consider every neighborhood before you decide where you want to live. Seattle's livability is certainly a good enough reason to call this great city home but its rich history might just lure you to an area you never knew existed before you started you search for a home in Seattle.   

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