Huge Investment Opportunity and Commercial Funding $20M+!!!

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Huge Investment Opportunity and Commercial Funding $20M+!!!   Huge Investment Opportunity!   This was sent by a close associate of mine here in FL and they need an investor ASAP!!!  

I am looking for a loan of $550,000.00 to close my leasing contract with buyer on Phase One (1) and Two Phase (2) and I am looking for a loan of $2,000,000.00 to close my other leasing contract with buyer on the final 3rd phase.


The developer has given us an extension until Thursday morning, October15TH 2009 for phase 1-2 and an extension until October 23rd 2009 end of business day for phase (3).


Phase One (1) and Phase (2)

As of today, I have a couple of Investors on the table for phase One (1) and Two (2) that has come up with a total amount of $375,000.00. I am short $175,000.00


Next investor has an option to come up with the complete $550,000.00 or the remaining amount of $175,000.00


I'm offering 80% return on the $550,000.00 investment and will see your return by November 30st, 2009.


I'm offering $100,000.00 return on the $175,000.00 investment and will see your return by November 30st. 2009.

Phase Three (3)

I'm currently raising $2,000,000.00 Million Dollars to complete the transaction for the final 3rd phase.


If I raise the complete $2,000.000.00 by the deadline of October 23rd, 2009, I can offer 30% return on investment and will see your return by November 30TH, 2009. Just weeks away!


I am offering a huge return because I am on a very short time frame to close the deal on this corporate and vacation rental contract. I will be paying investors out of my huge commission check that I will receive on November 30th, 2009.


What I am prepared to provide:


For your protection and guarantee your investment, I will have you added as a lien holder on my performance bond. No matter what happens, you will get your money back, on January 31st, 2010 plus interest. I will provide this document as soon as the wire transfer is made.


1)       Copy of contract- which is executed by both parties of 2.1 million being non-refundable

2)       Developer information to speak to them about deal

3)       Drive to Kissimmee together to see community and meet on site staff who having been working with me for the last six months if necessary

4)       Copy of Bond

5)       Bond Verification with PFS investments who broker all my cds, bonds and are the current escrow holders with affidavit of person verifying information

6)       I will provide affidavit with my attorney for you to ask any questions

7)       We can add you to bond as first lien holder/ dispersment letter within 24 hours of wire

8)       Promissory Note with my company of your guaranteed return of 80% if in first position of the first loan of $550,000.00

9)       Letter from developer verifying that I would get 50% of deposit if buyer cancels we could add you to receive your compensation from title company if buyer falls through as well to ensure the safety of your investment.

10)   My business license

11)   My real estate license- No complaints on either of 10 or 11

12)   Character References of folks whom I have borrowed money from and paid back quickly and have done business with for 5 years or more or currently- Phone numbers

13)   Synopsis of Deal should have been sent already with compensation package enclosed

14)   Bio of My Accomplishments- ie team leader of KW for 300 agents #1 recruiter and sales for five years, #6 salesperson in all of Re/Max currently

You are not investing in Real Estate. It's only a loan a short term loan to get the leasing contract from china buyer. My friend has a 2.7 Million Dollars performance bond that is available to her on January 31st, 2010. She will but you on this bond as a lien holder, guaranteeing protection on your money plus interest.   Note: She is also offering to fly investor in to see the property. You can see their website on line as well.   Email: and send all your direct contact info or call 813-333-2051. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is 100% financing with no Joint Venture  nd no loan to repay!  

Types of Projects that Qualify:                                                                                                                                      It Can be either ground up construction projects or real estate properties that are already existing. The real estate properties that are already existing need to include renovation, rehabilitation or plans for additions to the property.  But it must be a real estate based project in order to obtain an insurance wrap coverage.

Interested? Write to for more info on this incredible program! Please put "No JV Program" in the subject line.

Have other commercial or business projects that cannot obtain an insurance wrap or start at $10M minimum and up? 100% financing is available for them as well through our Joint Venture lender. They will fund up to 100% of the costs. Lender will ask for Joint Venture participation only if total loan is not secured by real estate. Looking for any worthy project $10M and up associated with business or commercial real estate. For more information and to apply, Please visit:


Transactional Funding-Best Rates & Best Prices-We Beat The Competition!!!   One of the hottest programs being used in real estate investing these days is Transactional Funding. And when you close your first deal with us, you'll receive a "FREE BAHAMAS CRUISE!" Transactional Funding is a 1 day Bridge Loan that consummates short sale and flip transactions allowing "you" to simultaneously close to your end-buyer.  

In this crazy real estate and mortgage market the days of "dry closings" is over. Title companies do not want to conduct simultaneous closings any longer because of the intense scrutiny from State and Federal regulators. They require that the first closing  "stand alone", by the investor bringing their own funds to the closing table. So what do you do if you don't have the cash? Hard Money? No way!

Transactional funding is much cheaper than Hard Money and more profitable than not being able to close at all! WE WILL MEET OR BEAT ALL OTHERS ON PRICING AND RATES! You must have documentation in writing showing the competitors pricing. To contact us, please use the following link to submit your information:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get Proof of Funds for Real Estate, Business deals, etc....
We have very aggressive sources for getting deals done quickly! The sky is the limit as far as dollar amount and funds as small as around $100,000 can be used. Can be used for any real estate or business deal deemed worthy by my lenders. This program can be used worldwide! Send your scenario to: to receive application.

Please visit: for all our real estate and business programs.     Patrick B. Simmons

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