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Community Policing is a Two Way Street

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Last night there was an initial meeting to establish a neighborhood watch in the Historic District. There had been a couple of incidents were an intruder entered homes were the owners were present. Unnerving to say the least! This alarmed the neighborhood, especially stay at home moms and the elderly. As word of these incidents spread it was decided that the Santa Rosa Police Department should be contacted to speak to our neighborhood as to what they would recommend. As a result we had a neighborhood meeting were three police officers discussed the different aspects of home security and steps that can be taken to deter unauthorized entry. In addition they recommended putting the local police department phone number on your cell phone or speed dial, in part because of an anomaly of 911 calls here in Northern California. Apparently calls from cell phones to 911are routed to an operations center in Vallejo which is in the East Bay. One point that was emphasized is that people should NOT hesitate to report ANY incident that arouses your concerns. It is better to err on the side of safety. Don't worry about being WRONG, the police will investigate further. The phone number in  Santa Rosa is 707-528-5222.

Updated for the Interent - Some Basics:

1) Don't announce your vacation on Facebook. It is easier than you may think to look up your address!

2) Security consultant Chris McGoey runs -  crimedoctor.com

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