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Radon is an odorless, colorless radioactive gas, which is formed by the natural breakdown of uranium. Radon can be found in high concentrations in rock and soil that contains granite, shale, phosphate and uranium, or even fill soil containing industrial waste. Radon can be present in any area, but typically concerns are higher in hilly or mountainous areas and lower in sandy, coastal areas.

Radon gas moves through the soil toward the earth’s surface where it either safely dissipates in outdoor air or seeps into buildings through cracks and gaps in the building's foundation. Radon can also be introduced into a building or home through the water-supply, particularly if there is a private well.

Once trapped inside a home, radon can accumulate to the point where it can be harmful to the occupants. Actually, it is the breakdown of radon, into what is referred to as radon decay products, that represents the greatest concern. These radioactive products become attached to airborne particles, which can be inhaled and ultimately cause lung tissue damage and cancer. Smokers are especially prone to the adverse effects of long-term radon exposure.

If radon is a concern in your home, elevated radon levels are more likely to occur during the winter months when the house is generally in closed-house conditions. The best way to test your home's radon level is by purchasing a special test kit or by hiring a professional to perform the measurement.

For more information, visit the EPA.gov or Health Canada Web sites.

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Monika Depalo
REAL ESTATE Agent/Stager

Some can live to 100 others do not live until their 10th birthday.  I wonder if an autopsy would show radon concentrations and if this is even tested?

Oct 13, 2009 03:54 PM
Brian Wetzel
HouseMaster Home Inspections - Lake Wylie, SC

It is crazy with some of the readings we get in this area. Radon is now the second leading cause of cancer in the united states, right behind smoking.... Radon is everywhere, but like anything it requires testing and control measures... Thanks for the reply!


Oct 13, 2009 04:11 PM