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Sitting Pretty on Appreciation

Kamehameha Schools Leased Fee Investment

Here is your chance to learn about a great investment opportunity which will allow you or anyone you know to purchase a unique real estate investment for less cash up front with the goal of obtaining a fee simple property in the end while taking advantage of any price appreciation that may happen throughout the years while also collecting rent and with minimal risk to the investor.

Kamehameha Leased Fee Investment

Hawaii is unique in the sense that we still have some leasehold properties here across the islands. This type of ownership is where the "lessor" owns the land and the "lessee" owns the improvement (house or condo unit) on the land and pays the"lessor" a lease rent for a fixed amount of years set by a lease agreement. At the end of the lease, the land owner "lessor" may take back the improvements on the land without any compensation to the "lessee". 

Kamehameha Schools, who owns a majority of these leased fee interest here for many, many years is now making their leased fee interest available to the current lessees or interested investors to purchase. This is an opportunity for investors to become the new lessor (land owner).

As the new lessor, you simply collect the current lease rent with the possibility of renegotiating the lease rent in the future for a higher amount.  You pay nomaintenance fees, property taxes or any upkeep with the property for that will remain the responsibility of the current lessee providing an investor minimal expense and risk.  Finally, the biggest picture of this opportunity will be at the expiration of the lease when you will be able to take back the property in fee simple ownership of the property for the price that you paid at today's leased fee value. 

Win Now and Win Later

leasehold to fee simple

This is a great investment vehicle for those who want to transfer real estate to children or grandchildren, diversify their real estate portfolio, have a long term investment horizon to realize returns or want to purchase multiple properties with less cash upfront.

Own a piece of paradise now and sit pretty on appreciation

Please contact me for more information and an inventory sheet with over 500 of these unique real estate investment.

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Well this is a great long term investment planning. This is safe and valuable investment in real estate.

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Oct 22, 2009 03:03 AM
Kengo Ueno

Yes...this is a great long term investment.  Buying interest in a property with less cash up front at today's value to reap all the appreciation of tomorrow's value with minimal risk!!!

Oct 23, 2009 08:30 PM