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The Pendulum of the Housing Market is Swinging the Other Way

Real Estate Agent with South Metro Property Management, LLC

Are we headed to a buyer's market in Henry County, GA?  I think so. 

Are we there yet? NO. But we will be at this time next year if buyers continue buying at the same pace they are buying now and listing inventory continues to shrink.

Housing inventory in Henry County has fallen almost 40% since a year ago. About a year ago, there were roughly 3300 single-family homes for sale in Henry County, GA. Today, October 14th, 2009, there are only 1993 single family home listings. We went from about 3300 to 1993.

 Are you going to kick yourself later for not buying?  Good question.

Look at this chart showing the number of new listings from 2008 to 2009, month over month.


 It's a bit blury. But, you get the idea.

Again, are you going to kick yourself a year from now if the market completely shifts the other way?