Coming through the fog of the short sale

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It all starts with the initial contact of the home seller;

Not knowing where to start or how it may end, I get this call from this distraught homeowner, "I don't know what to do and I found you on the internet".

"I was told to call a REALTOR to get a short sale on my home, the numerous Home loan modification specialists are not able to help me. I go online and find Denise Stuart in San Jose".

"No worries" I say, I will schedule you in, upon arrival I find the nicest people I think I could ever meet.

This story is not the only one, but all the homeowners I have listed homes for are this special.

From the beginning of this short sale market, I kept telling everyone I didn't want to list these homes, I could not bare to see these people lose their homes. But you know what? it is not like this. I really truly enjoy helping people and this may be right up there with the other volunteer job I do which is helping children. Helping homeowners that really truly need your help is one of those priceless rewards life can give you.

I am happy to be in the career field I am.

And it surely is not for the money!

Short sales, at this present time: are long drawn out hard works in progress, but with a push to the local officials, we who chose to do short sales.

I believe can and will make a difference on how these bank negotiations are handled.

Denise Stuart Coldwell Banker

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