City of Orinda sets up an earthquake preparedness drill this weekend!

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City of Orinda sets up an earthquake preparedness drill this weekend!


Empire Realty Associates Realtor and Orinda resident Allison Johns is helping with earthquake preparedness.

The City of Orinda is having a city-wide earthquake drill this Sunday. In preparation for that, the community that Allison lives in, Canyon Ranch Estates, is organizing a detailed emergency plan of action. The association has divided up the neighborhood into a number of different zones. Each zone has a captain.

In the event of an emergency,the captain is responsible for checking on the homes in his/her zone, making sure all the gas and power are off and checking on the safety of the families.

Allison is the co-captain for her zone. She attended a meeting last night with other zone leaders to prepare for Sunday's drill.

As we embark on the 20 year anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, many cities in the bay area seem to be taking this opportunity to get ready in the event of an earthquake.

Kudos to the City of Orinda for planning this drill and getting prepared!

For additional info on how to prepare you and your family in the even of an earthquake, check out these 2 links:

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