Staying away

Real Estate Agent with Exit IH 10 Realty

Ok, where I live the 8k is a big deal. It is 10am and I want to inspire, teach and get people going. But, they are already going. My operations manager has told me that we will be 300 percent above last years november. I did plan a vacation, my kids are home until 5. I swear I am bored out of my mind.

We haven't talked about this in awhile, but what does one do with themself when things are going right and I mean really right. Do I sit and pick at policies, prepare my meeting w/ agents for annual review when it slows down.

Tomorrow I have jury duty, tomorrow night I speak to some new agents after that????? I have been here before, with good problems and bad, but it has been soooooooo long since it has been a good run that I have forgot the pace.

I will figure something out, but tonight I will rejoice in my agents successes!

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