Put your money where your mouth is - Realtors as Investors

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You hear it ALL the time, NOW is the best time to buy!  The Time to BUY has never been better!!  I hear it too, and not only is it true for the San Antonio Market, but I buy for my personal account as well.

The important thing to remember as an investor, is that it's just property.  DO NOT get emotional about buying real estate, if the numbers don't work out on a deal, move on to the next.  It's that simple. 

Would you get emotional about buying widgets for x dollars to resale in your store for y dollars? Probably not, you would just find another supplier that met your needs at a price you're comfortable paying.  Pretty much the same thing with investing in Real Estate.

If you ARE serious about buying property, then you should never underestimate the advantage of having a REALTORon YOUR Side. You don't have to keep "explaining your situation" or make 200 phone calls on newspaper ads or craigslist posters AND it does not get you a better deal to NOT have one. The listing agent just gets to keep the whole commission AND does not represent YOUR best ineterests. 

I do work as a buyer's agent, and do most of the foot work for you.  The best part, the Listing Agent usually covers my fee for you.

I also have access to some free investor tools, and you are welcome to them as well. Just let me know if you like them or not.  http://www.simplifyem.com/partner/john_king

If you're a first time investor, or a grizzled veteran, I'm happy to help.  Just let me know!

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Thanks for reading and have a Great Day!

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