Connie Trevor & Prebon Poulson Two unsung Heros protecting our kids in Stevenson Ranch

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 This one stretch of real estate is perhaps one of the most potentially dangerous routes in the "Ranch" Stevenson Ranch, California.  You wouldn't dare cross there without your "guardian angel"  Everyday I drive my kids to school drop them off at a designated spot with total "piece of mind" as I watch a pair of "guardian angels" appear.  They walk my kids as well as everyone else' kids in the "Ranch" across the street all in one piece.  

No, I haven't forgotten to take my medication, in fact I don't take any medication at all.  Some think I should, but that's another story for another day.  I'm talking about Connie Trevor and Preben Poulson our "guardian angels"

Connie Trevor and Preben Poulson are two crossing guards here at Stevenson Ranch Elementary.  There are others here in the "Ranch" and they are just as deserving but they work the other side of campus and I rarely interact with them. However I believe most of those that choose to do this each morning are all cut of the same cloth.

When the kids were younger we used to walk them in to school and we'd say a word or two to both Connie and Preben as we crossed the street each morning.  Sharing little tidbits about each other's life as we walked past every morning..

Connie Trevor lives in Sunset Pointe and began as a crossing guard the day Stevenson Ranch Elementary opened it's doors.  She was a full time mom raising two kids and is now a proud grandmother.  She has seen a lot happen in the Ranch in the past 12 years!

Preben Poulson lives in Newhall and is originally from Denmark.  He first came to the United States in 1957 then decided to move to Spain, he later got married and returned back to the states in 1959.

It still amazes me how some parents still have to be reminded to SLOW DOWN or stop!! Even on the last day of school. Is whatever/wherever you need to be that important to risk the lives of children!! Every morning like clockwork you see these two hover over our kids as if they were their own making sure they get from point A to point B.  A short distance but it is the most important and safest corridor to our school.

We sometimes  place the meaningless stuff high on our "To do lists" or acknowledge or admire the so called "Movers and shakers" within the community. We sometimes get caught up in our own little world's and take for granted people like Connie and Preben.  I make it a point to let these two know they "mattered" and that what they do each day is soo vitally important. I acknowledge them every morning with a wave.  And every morning Connie and Preben wave back with an ear to ear smile.

I am comforted to know that there are people like Connie and Preben who get up each day not with a self serving agenda but with a noble purpose and that is to care for our kids. 

Thank you again, Connie and Preben you are one of those unsung heroes in the SVC. Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

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Michele Connors
The Overton Group, LLC Pitt & Carteret County - Greenville, NC
Your Eastern North Carolina Realtor
this is a nice tribute to them for their hard work! We all tend to take this and many other jobs for granted...thanks for reminding us they are in charge of precious cargo- our children. Thanks to all guards out there guiding our children safely across the streets- snow, rain and everything in are always there!
Jun 21, 2007 05:46 AM
Pablo Santibanez
FastAppraisals4u - Santa Clarita, CA

Thanks Michele

For taking a moment to comment about those we entrust with "our precious cargo" I appreciate your thoughts and your right we do tend to take this and many other jobs for granted.  I share your thanks to all of those nationally who do what they do whatever that might be to protect our children

Jun 21, 2007 06:02 AM
Leon Austin
Mobile Notary Services - Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs Mobile Notary

Pablo, that is a very nice tribute, and a nice video. A lot of people take the crossing guards for granted, but they play such an important role in our communities.


Jun 21, 2007 10:55 PM
Pablo Santibanez
FastAppraisals4u - Santa Clarita, CA

Thanks Leon,

Your comments are much appreciated and your right we do often take them for granted.  I read about your Late Uncle his role and accomplishments.   What a tremendous role model and source of pride to be related to this man.  What a legacy, I am certain you carry the torch in your life as well.  Take care Leon and thanks for dropping in

Jun 22, 2007 02:19 AM