Taking some of the stress out of the home buying and selling process.

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty

Let's start with the home buying process.  The most important part in helping your agent find the property that will best fit your needs is to know what your needs are and telling the agent what you like and don't like.  Remember, we are not going to live in the home but you are and at that moment your needs are what is most important.   If you don't like the backyard say it and we will move on.  If the bedrooms are to small let them know and you will find the buying process alot smoother.   With the selling process, listen to your realtor concerning simple things that can say a lot.  Clean the closets and make sure nothing is on the floors.  Go the extra mile and tidy up everyday before going to work and on weekends.  For example, making sure all the bed are made are a big help.  Invest in yourself when deciding to place your property on the market by preparing a few weeks ahead with some decluttering and maybe realigning of furniture placement.   We are in the business of helping you complete a dream and the more information we have about the dream the sooner the dream will come to pass.

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