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Teen safe rides home can help your teenager get home safely

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Do you have a teen driver?  Many of us do, my oldest just turned sixteen and is in the process of getting her driver's license.  She also shared ironically how some of her friends had been drinking the night before and it was a wake up call for me to not only make this a teachable moment for her and I, but also with other parents like you.  Now I know your "precious" would never be involved in any of these activities however in the event they slip up here are some valuable resources and unfortunately lessons we all need to take a moment and reflect on.   I came a cross a few resources today and was reminded of some others in the past that I would like to share with you.

I attended the National Teen Driving Safety Fair being held here in Santa Clarita at Central Park today sponsored by the city of Santa Clarita, Safe rides for teens, The Auto Club, Fire, and Sheriff departments.

Safe rides for teens had a booth and I would recommend you have your teen put their number on their cell phone in the event they are ever faced with having to get home and their only option available is having to drive home with an intoxicated teen driver 661-259-6330  Their website is www.scvsaferides.com/


I saw this resourceful sign on a parents car.


On a more somber note there are the physical reminders of the decisions and outcomes of those decisions as well as the final outcomes.  Please take a few minutes to learn "Know more" about the Youth Grove in Central Park.


I love my kids and their friends and I am certain that you do too.  Take the time to go over these resources and share them with your teen and make the vow to "Know More". 

"Know More". 

"Our children are our most precious gifts.

They are sons and daughters, sisters, and brothers, loved ones and friends.

Vow today that...

No more will lose their lives because we drive too fast.

No more will die because we drive under the influence.

No more will perish because we lapse in attention for just one moment.

No more will be lost because reckless acts on the road.

Join us in a cry that NO MORE names will be added to this memorial.

No More."  - Author Unknown

Additional photos of the event can be found by clicking here

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