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The happy face of a foreclosed home in Tacoma WA

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The happy face of a foreclosed home in Tacoma WA

When you think of the circumstance of foreclosure you usually never think of the word "happy". I would like to share with you, The happy face of a foreclosed home. Wilsons Home front

There are two sides to foreclosure, the exit side and the enter side.  Usually we are so focused on the exit side;  when a person looses (exit) their home to foreclosure.  That is truly very sad; but in this blog we are going to focus on the person buying the foreclosed home as their primary residence.  In real estate we call that, "the end user" (enter side). In this case it is when a wonderful family looking to buy a home finds just what they need. Because of this foreclosure this family have found a home that helps to meet their financial goals and the happy face of a foreclosed home is in deed a reality.

What makes this an even happier story is, I am beginning to see a psychological shift in the mind set of many buyers. It's not so much anymore about buying the biggest, the newest or the home with the most bells and whistles.  It's becoming about "what are my payments going to be". On paper it shows we qualify for more but,  we are going to be responsible with our money, we are going to be smart about the financial position we put ourselves in. The happy face of a foreclosed home is showing up more times than not in Tacoma Washington.

This is good news; the mess that we have all helped to create from our past market is giving way to  the mind set of thrift and practicality. Now isn't that what life cycles are all about. I am convinced that we will come out of this a better and stronger, not to mention smarter people. Don't believe me? look for yourself, the video in this blog will show you the happy face of a foreclosed home.




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