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Are First Time Homebuyers Better Off Waiting Until After The $8,000 Credit Expires?

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Picture this, Real Estate is SLOWWW. Where do we start?

With the first time buyers of course, we give them the confidence and incentives to buy. This stabilizes the bottom, and even encourages a little growth in the lower end of the market. I know in the Belfair Washington Real Estate Market, if you have a newer home under $200,000 3 beds, 2 bath with a decent lot, your home is gold.

If you as a seller, know that there is support for the buyers of your home, you are going to price it with a little slack. You know that all buyers have seen everything that is out there, and when your home hits, it will attract a lot of attention.

Would you tell a buyer to wait until after the credit expires? Could they save more than this $8,000 that they would be getting in the form of a credit.

All of the first time buyers are very motivated right now to find "something" so that they can get their 8grand. Will houses be priced more than 8k less after this credit expires?

Will house prices drop more than 8k once this credit expires?



I am not trying to be negative, but thinking as a buyer, would you be better of waiting?

I may be over thinking this, but what do you think about it?


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