Vacation Hold for AR Updates

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I look forward to the e mail updates from Active Rain and often go to the posts described.  I am one of the people who needs that little reminder to stop by and say hello.  I also hope it provides exposure to people who write but aren't as well know within the community. 

You can see I really am a fan of the e mail updates....but.....

I also think it would be a great thing to have a little button where you turn off the updates and then restart later.  I am headed on a vacation and know I will have a pile of e mails when I return, therefore I'd like to PAUSE the updates.

So here is my suggestion...create a little calendar of stop and start for the e mail notices and you just might find people like the notices even more than before.

This is just an idea. 

I stopped the e mails for now....I'm just not sure how to turn it back on when I return.  If anyone reads this and can make a suggestion where you do that I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,





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