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We are seeking competent agents who: Have a minimum of 1 year of BPO experience AND you need to be willing to be re-trained on doing reports the way our companies want them done. With that said, we are willing to train the right persion, but they need to be an active licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker in one of the above reference states. We will be getting between 50-100 per day in the areas this ad appears on Craigslist. We have a 2 day turn around needed on BPOs. We are agents with a high volume looking for help with our BPOs. We do not get them direct. Pay will be $30 a BPO for both report and pictures. DO NOT ASK FOR MORE, you will not get it from us. We know the industry and we know what other companies pay. We work with the giants of the industry and we know that no other company can give you 5-10 BPO a day. If you sign up for these asset companies you will be lucky to get to 20 a month with them. PRICE PER BPO IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.


1. I don’t have a license, can I do this? NO. Please do not respond to this ad if you are not licensed. We will not save a position for you until you get licensed. This is an opportunity right now and you need to have your license in hand and be ready to work.

2. Will I get the amount of work I want immediately? NO. There is a ramp up period and you should be able to cover your expenses. NO advances will be given. If you are hurting for money, this may not be the best opportunity for you. If you ask for an advance, we will stop giving you work. Also, these forms are not familiar to people in the beginning and a couple BPOs could take you all day in the beginning.

3. I don’t work, how many BPOs could I do in a day? It depends on how proficient you are on the computer. How fast you type, and if you can multitask. We have been doing this for years and if you get great at this, you can get the time down to 20-30 minutes a report. 5 BPOs a day ($150) x 20 days a month = $3,000/month. 10 BPOs a day ($300) x 20 days a month = $6,000/month.

4. I’ve done BPOs before, why do I need to be re-trained? WE WORK WITH THE GOLD STANDARD and most strict BPO company in the industry. No one does them better and they have the strictest guidelines. Other asset companies do not have a Quality control department, WE DO. You cannot just slap 6 comps together and call it a report. It will be returned to you and you will not get paid for sub-standard work. Company name will not be disclosed until we agree to work with you, so don’t ask.

5. When will I get paid for the BPOs I do? It will take as long as 45 days to get paid. Why? We wait until the company pays us, then we in return cut you a check for the work you did. If you have done BPOs before and dealt with asset companies you know sometimes you wait over 4 months to get paid. Here is how the pay works: Let’s say you start between the 1st and the 14th of November, you will get your first check for the pay period from the 1st-14th on January 1st and then you will get a check every two weeks thereafter as long as you have done work in the 2 week pay period. If you start on the 15th-31st of November, your first check would be January 15th. The first check takes longer. We pay on the 1st and the 15th.

6. Can I get more than 10 a day? If you prove you can handle 10 a day, and show good, consistent work, then we are willing to assess your work and give you more.

7. What if I turn in late reports? You will not receive any more work. We are on a rating system with the companies we work with. If you turn in a late report, our rating goes down and we will receive less work. If you cannot make deadlines, do not apply. If you are not willing to go sleepless nights to make deadlines on work you promised to complete, please do not apply.

8. I am licensed, but I’ve never done BPOs. I believe I may be a good fit for your training. If we agree to train you, it does not mean we will work with you. It means we’re willing to see how quickly you can pick up the principles we teach.

I am reposting this for a friend, please email him directly at oren@placeforhomes.com Please do not email me. Thanks.
Gaye Granice
Robert Defalco Realty - Staten Island, NY
Associate Broker

Sounds like a great way to make some extra cash and I've been thinking about getting into this here in New York!

Oct 20, 2009 11:41 AM
Felix Hung #FelixtheCoach
#FelixtheCoach - Costa Mesa, CA
Helping Agents Through Coaching

Where in NY are you? This is a nationwide operation and they're in...about 10 states right now, NY/NJ included.

Oct 20, 2009 08:14 PM