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I was recently struck by the thought that the majority of the artisans listed on my website are practicing a "green" industry.
The commercials and ads that are in the media about "natural" and "organic" evoke the principles and properties of a past world when the main energy used was the physical effort of the farmer or craftsman and the forces of nature. By its very definition, green industry or the ability to produce a beautiful or useful product with a near zero carbon footprint is worthwhile and beneficial to our environment.
As is usually the case we have a lot to learn from our ancestors. No matter whether they are many generations behind us, their knowledge stands before us much of the time. I have often smiled at the newest kitchen gadget that really does the job no better (and sometimes worse) than the old tool that our grandmothers used (now I will concede that the dishwasher, stove and refrigerator are blessings our grandparents would be beaming over). But it is true particularly in today's political climate that "artisans" perhaps deserve an outright grant or at least a tax break for these businesses that bring so much to our modern world by producing worthy and authentic "green" products.
I am thinking in particular of an old hometown friend who has a farm that his family has owned for more than 200 years. He had the foresight to start organic farming years ago before "it was cool" and his farm produces the best beef I have ever tasted (his vegetables are also wonderful). Knowing this friend as I have all my life I have the impression that he probably was farming as his family always did taking good care of the land, it's just that the trends finally caught up with ancient wisdom.
His cousin owns a natural trout farm next to his which is equally innovative and whenever I go home I find my way to the Tudor Hall stand at the local Farmers Market. My point in sharing is recognizing that, no matter what you are doing-be it cabinetmaking or farming-is a nod to the original "green" artisans-our forefathers.

Tudor Hall Farm Market
6280 Middleway Pike, Kearneysville, WV, 25430

Aqua Green Trout Farm
Rte 51, Kearneysville, WV, 25430


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