Dump your money into remodeling your Kitchen!

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  #1  Forget about the wood color in the rest of the house.
                        #2  Lets not do anything trendy this time
                        #3   A medium color wood cabinet is more timeless.
                                       Oak is out!
                                        Maple, cherry, hickory, alder, birch................nice choices
                         #4   Painted (factory finished probably best) offwhite is VERY nice and timeless, when done with lovely wood doors with a traditional detail and hardware.
           Pick cabinet wood FIRST
              "         "         tops    Second.   Floor choice comes simultaneous.... I have frequently picked the floors before the tops
           Be open minded to surface choices for countertops..............I think everyone is going to be pretty sick of granite before too long. If your mom enjoys working on tile, there are some fantastics stones and solid surfaces  out there.  They look great with  "0" grout lines and stylized edges.
                      - Granite is loud and very unforgiving re: breakage
                      - Granite stains
                       - Dark tops are a P in the A to keep clean and dustfree ( all types)
                    Stainless appliances are being replaced by newer finishes,  as people have found out they are IMPOSSIBLE to clean, or even remotely  fingerprint free
              I would highly suggest looking through KITCHEN and BATH type magazines and tear out pictures that are most appealing to you.  Maybe Better Homes and Gardens website, etc. They have paid Big Bucks for those looks, so just steal them!
                     DANGER..............showrooms steer indecisive people to the most expensive products.  They are on commission.  A ton of the detail, add ons, and extras are not necessary....Good Taste Is.
          Something style and colorwise will start to emerge as its part of your style
           It is much better not to commit too much color in those hard surfaces (cabs/ tops) as you are "stuck" if it doesn't float your boat when installed. 
              If you like strong colors, the walls and decor can do that last......a few glass door cabinets and/or built in display ledge can showcase fun colorful pieces.


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Alix Pinzon
Open Mortgage, LLC NMLS # 2975 - Downey, CA

Finally, someone from Kansas.  Kitchen remodeling really became somewhat of a fad during the refi. boom.  As an Appraiser, I got so I was disappointed if the kitchen hadn't been updated. 

Oct 21, 2009 03:48 AM
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