Extreme Makeover to build new home for Andy and Heather Cowan

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ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Hallmark Homes announced today the next deserving family to receive a new home. 

Hallmark Homes released the following information this morning on the HallmarkExtreme.com website: 


Good Morning Cowan-Brown Family

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" will rebuild the home of the Andy and Heather Cowan, factory workers who struggle to support their four children Ryan, 16, Trevor, 13, Mason, 8, and their daughter Kori, 12, who is battling a congenital blood disease.

At six-years-old, Kori Cowan was diagnosed with a congenital blood disease affecting her immune system. Kori has developed polyps in her nasal cavity and behind her eyes. She has already endured 17 operations as a result of these painful growths, which must be surgically removed. Doctors believe these polyps may be the result of environmental issues facing the family's home, including an extreme mold infestation. Ryan, Andy and Heather's oldest son, has also fallen ill and has gone to live with his biological father – tearing this close-knit family apart. 

Despite the daily struggles Kori faces, she has not let her disease slow her down. During one of her stays at the blood clinic, Kori was inspired by a little girl with whom she shared a room and....Read Full Story at HallmarkExtreme.com


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