What does service REALLY mean…our goal at Eagle Realty

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Wikitionary (courtsy of wikipedia.com) defines SERVICE as : An event in which an entity takes the responsibility that something desirable happens on the behalf of another entity.

Are we as REALTORS and particularly at Eagle Realty, striving to bring this mind set tot he work place with every client we encounter. To 1. Take responsibility...this is BIG, if we don't take responsibility, how can we act on their behalf? We are an "agent" to our clients, we must own up to that and practice that responsibility in our relationship with our customers and clients.
2. are we "acting on behalf for something desirable" to happen for our clients? This means we want the best for our clients, even if it something we don't like or don't want...if it is the best for them then it is our focus. We don't put them into "un-desirable" situations. Also is the proeprty you are showing them in their best interest and what they DESIRE? Are you doing your job 100% to market and try to sell their listing even if it not the best listing, best area, or best price. Are we being honest with them for a desirable outcome even if it may be hard for them to hear (one thing i think we all struggle with).

The BEST SERVICE - It's not about us, it's about the client...and in turn the better the service, the more clients you will have to service.

Trust the Experts, at Eagle Realty...

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