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 The Spring Condos 300 Bowie, Austin, TX


Located at the corner of Bowie and 3rd at 300 Bowie, The Spring Condos are the latest development to wrap up building on Austin's Downtown Condo scene.  The Spring Condos boast a 400 foot tower with 36 residential floors as well as five levels for parking, gym, pool and other amenities.  The 42 floor green building consists of 248 units and a penthouse.  Currently, they are 53% full. 


As of this writing, the pool area of this development is not quite finished and open for use, but you can see that they are almost there.  They have a small but slick lobby on the Bowie side entrance with concierge service and elevator entrance. 


The view from the 29th floor units give you great visibility of both Ladybird Lake and to the East, downtown Austin. 


I found the hall areas somewhat congested compared to the wide halls of  the 360, but the finish out of the units is great.  Some of the smaller bedrooms leave something to be desired as far as space is concerned, but that is pretty consistent with the rest of the downtown condos in Austin. 


This section of W. 3rd is somewhat scarce as far as nightlife and restaurant life are concerned, but I am sure that if the 360's any indicator as to what can happen when a prime location is built over available retail and entertainment space, this will follow suit.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens.


All in all, this is good complex.  I think as time goes by this will rank as one of the top 5 condo complexes in Austin and would be a great investment for owner occupants or investors.  I see this complex as having staying power in the long haul and as the area develops, appreciating with the best of them. 


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