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Localism!  The power of Localism is absolutely unbelievable.  Want yet another spot on the first page of Google?  What if (all) your blogs could be linked together and pulled up under all the other searches that each blog generates in Google?  Sounds to good to be true?

If you do not understand how Localism can double your online exposure (yes I said double) then read this blog, ask for help and get addicted to the power of LOCALISM!

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Are you new to Active Rain?  Not sure of what Localism is and how it can be beneficial to you?  When you're brand new to blogging it's often very difficult to come up with ideas for topics to write about on a consistent basis.  I've been writing posts over almost 2 years and have had those days when I just can't think of anything to post.


One of the ways to overcome that problem is to write about your communities. The sister site and consumer facing side of Active Rain is Localism where members can display consumer oriented content about their local communities.

Posting to Localism allows you to interact and create connections with the public by providing them with local information and promotes you as the knowledgable local expert in your area,

I don't leave my house without my digital camera and flip video.  You just never know when the opportunity will arise to take a picture of something of interest in your neighborhood.  I also make sure I carry with me a small note pad too and jot down places of interest or upcoming events that I want to focus on at a later date to write a post about.

You're all familiary with Wikipedia, the free internet portal where there are millions of written articles on any topic you can think of many of which include links to guide its users to additional information on related pages.

Think of Localism as your local Wikipedia or as the tagline for Localism states "The World's Most Complete Neighborpedia."

Posts written to Localism consisting of hyper-local content and photos will attract consumers who want to learn more about a specific area.  Write about upcoming events, local news, libraries, places of interest,  schools, school activiites/sports, local businesses, parks, fund raising events....Think like a consumer and what they would be looking for that is engaging and interesting.

DON'T write content to your peers!!.....DO write content to the consumer!! 

Your posts are sent to Localism by checking the box as shown and then choosing the state, county, city and neighborhood that you're writing your content for.

Posting to Localism

**If you are a free member any posts you've written are "Members Only."  You will have to upgrade to a Rainmaker account to post to Localism**

As an Active Rain Ambassador, I would be more than happy to offer any assistance and help to any new members who are ready to get started.

I've included a few other member's posts that will provide additional information about the many benefits and ways that Localism can help to brand you as the local expert in your community.

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Julie Chapman
DR Horton - Ormond Beach, FL
New Homes Sales Ormond, New Smyrna, Daytona Be


Let me tell you what I love about Localism. 

It allows me to spend time with my husband on our jet skis visiting the various private beaches and islands to take photos for my Localism posts as well as my outside blog.  I get to spend time with my husband and take some time off without feeling guilty because I am working on future Localism posts. 

I recently had a client comment about how much she enjoyed my outside blog because I took the time to care enough about my area to show potential new residents what it really is like to live here. 

Oct 22, 2009 12:03 PM