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Their are many tips and strategies to increasing your SEO of your blogs/content.  We all want that coveted 1st page of Google for our search results, who wants page 5?

In a world where you are competing against others every little bit of SEO help places you further to the top.

This blog teaches you a nice little trick to getting even more SEO power.  Read this!!

Original content by Lisa Udy

One of the most crucial factors in ranking high for your targeted keywords in search engines is your Title Tag.

What is a title tag?

If you look at the top of your browser when you're on a web page, it's those words that are in the little blue bar at the top. The reason for this post is because of the number of real estate websites I see that don't take advantage of such an easy way to promote your website to search engines.

Title Tags

Did you know your title tags are what's holding you back in the search engines?

I hate to say it, but the reason you aren't showing up in search engines, is because you don't have your title tag optimized. Your title tags should be the first thing you "optimize" to be found in search engines.  If you are blogging and generating back links to your website, but your title tags aren't optimized, your  making it hard on yourself.

So, how do you optimize your title tags?

This might be complicated, because it all depends on your website, and not every website lets you access the title tags.  If you don't know if you can edit your title tags, talk to whoever built your website for you, or you can always Google it. If someone else has a website like yours, chances are you can find out how to optimize your tags by searching Google.


How Should I Optimize My Title Tags?

Now that you know what a title tag is, it's now time to consider what you should change it to.  For each page on your website, you need to determine it's purpose, and what the content on the web page is about. For example:

I have webpage dedicated to Logan Utah Real Estate, and if you look at that pages title tags, they define the page as "Logan Utah Real Estate, Logan Real Estate, Utah Real Estate Listing." The reason it has those 3 phrases, is because I know people, when searching for properties, will type phrases like that in the search box.  You probably already know this, and that's why it's key to add those phrases to your title tags.

That title tag is "optimized" because the content on the page itself is about what the title tag says it's about. If you read through the content, it's keyword rich with the words: Logan, Utah, Real Estate, Listings, Property, and so on.

Warning: If you add title tags to a web page that don't really represent what the title tag says, it's going to be hard to convince search engines your page is about what your title tag says. Make sure that your title tag is related to the pages content. If you have a page about neighborhoods, your title tag should reflect those neighborhoods.

If you do this with every page of your website, you are going to see your rankings in search engines increase. You will be giving search engines more information about what your pages are about, which is the whole purpose of a search engine. They want to give their searchers the most relevant page to their search query. If you title a page correctly and create relevant content to that title, you're going to help search engines, which in turn, is going to help you rank better.


Title Tag Optimization Tips For Real Estate


When optimizing your title tags, it's a good rule of thumb to use these phrases, as they all relate to real estate.

Listings, Property, Properties, Home, Homes, Homes For Sale, Agent, Agents, REALTOR, MLS.

If you use these phrases with your town included, you will pick up more search engine results placements, and increase the traffic to your website.


If I was a real estate agent in Seattle, I would use those same phrases, but I would add the different areas I service.

Seattle WA Homes For Sale, Seattle Real Estate Listings, Real Estate Property and MLS Listings Seattle Washington

With that title tag, I have given myself the chance to show up for broader searches. Say someone searches in Google: Seattle real estate listings for sale - With that search, I have my title tag optimized for all of those keywords, and if I build enough links to that page, I will show up in the searchers results pages.


Now, if you read this, I expect you to update your title tags, and optimize your pages to be better then your competition. I can't stress enough how much an optimized title tag can increase your websites visibility.

If you have any questions about this, leave me a comment, and I will do the best I can to help you out. :)

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Joshua Schaubach
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Thanks for the tips.  I am having my webmaster work on this right away.

Oct 22, 2009 12:07 PM