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When Money Matters More Than People..............

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In this day and age, when agents are working harder than ever... it is imperative that you get a commitment from your buyer clients...and that they understand the work that goes into finding them a home.

Original content by Konnie Mac McCarthy 638538 MD

 I came to real estate from health care..... I'm no mother teresa...but in health care, your priority has to be people or you are in the wrong business..! 

The thing that fascinated me the most about the transition is how many people place value of a dollar over the value of people.

I had a couple call me, from out of town, they wanted to see homes in my area... a lot of homes....!  I found a new home community that would put them up in a decorated model FOR FREE, during their stay, (of course they had to visit the new home model and listen to the sales pitch) but they were willing to do that.

I took them around for 3 days, showed them homes, spent pretty much 7 hours a day with them... I got to know them, and them me...    When we parted, they told me they would think about what they had seen and call me back...

A week later,I received a call from the new home sales person...congratulating me on selling them a home...I told her they had not settled on one yet... she said "I just spoke to them and they said they purchased a home already"  

I called my clients..and asked them.... they told me.."Yes, we purchased a home, a friend of ours had a realtor who was giving us money back"   These people were Doctors, they had plenty of money...cash in fact... but that money they were getting back.... was more important than the service I gave them, my time energy and effort.  I was truly amazed. (and I let them know it)

I have also seen agents do the same thing... not look after their clients best interest..... to make a buck....I often think there should be a place where these clients and these agents can meet up..since both of their priorities are the dollar.

I may have rose colored glassed on..but I know that if I do the right thing, by my clients, the pay check will come.  I have since become a bit more selective about who I work with. When I meet with new clients,  I find out what their expectations are in an agent, and I also tell people up front what my expectations are of them... 

What the general public needs to know and understand... is if you want your agent to look after your best interest... be honest and loyal..... as a client, you have to be willing to do the same...  You get what you give!








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