Finding good deals on homes for sale in Burlingame

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Finding good deals on homes for sale in Burlingame

"Call me when you find a good deal..."  I do hear this phrase a lot these days. 

A few days ago, while showing homes for sale to my client, we've bumped into a person who stopped to check one of the houses on our list.  Coincidentally my client and that person knew each other. A few minutes later, I became a participant in their conversation.  They are both were interested in this property.  The house was in a distressed condition, had a good location and was priced very aggressively.  Those three factors always attract lots of attention.  They asked me about recent sales in the area.  When they heard comparables, both exclaimed with disappointment that they are missing the boat, and lots of good deals slipped through their fingers.  Both gentlemen were searching for good deals on homes for sale in town for almost a year.

What does "good deal" mean to you?  Where to look for it? Do you limit yourself by searching homes for sale only in foreclosure market? How about MLS listings, where you can find trustees sales, homes for sale by people, moving out of state...? Find motivated sellers and you will find good deals on homes for sale.

Two men who came to see the same property had different perspective on a "good deal".  First was checking homes for sale, seeking place to live with no intention do too much work to it. The other was looking for property with a great land value to build a new house, to sale it for a profit later. There are many different meanings to a "good deal".  Let your realtor know what you're looking for.  If your realtors are specializing in the area, they may have different sources to find good deals on homes for sale before they listed on MLS, plus you will be notified about foreclosures and short sales within hours after they are listed. 

In today's market there are lots of good deals around you. Take action instead of being sorry, when someone else buys a house you wanted, for the price you were willing to pay for it. Being persistent really pays of these days. Do not miss the boat!

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Darrell Backen
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I enjoyed your post. I attended the Active Rain Raincamp In Seattle. These are some of the tools and sites they told us about. You may find them useful. I am just started out in AR so everything I can learn is a benefit to me.

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Oct 23, 2009 12:04 PM
Lena Griffin
LG Realty - Hillsborough, CA


It's my first blog post, and really appreciate your help.  There are so many things I need to learn.



Oct 24, 2009 03:58 AM