Wow - What a testimonial.... Lawrence, LI

Real Estate Agent with Allen Tate Company TestimonialPeople are so quick to bitch and complain, that is was such a pleasure to find the following in my e-mail box this morning. A copy of an email a seller of mine sent to my Broker, we have had her co-op in Lawrence, NY on the market for over a year. An unexepected, unrequested testimonial.

"Dear Mr. Broker,

You have probably heard from Lenny or Donna that we have a signed contract for my mother's apartment at XXXX Avenue.  Though there are still a few hurdles to get over, I believe (with fingers crossed) that this sale will go through.

So this seemed an appropriate time to write in praise of the team that made this sale possible.  Both Lenny and Donna were a pleasure to work with, professional, caring and extremely responsive.

As you know, this sale has been a long time coming.  Through all this time, Lenny treated the apartment as though it were his own.  I'm sure he has more lucrative listings, but he more than lived up to his promises made when he signed on as the agent:  his many Open Houses, following up with buyers, trying new sales techniques.  Even, I understand, vacuuming the floors when they needed it.  His advice in dealing with offers and potential buyers was always thoughtful and thorough.  My attorney even volunteered how highly she thought of him and we then spent several minutes praising him.

Similarly, Donna has been unfailingly helpful.  Answering all of my queries in a very timely and thorough way.  And always willing to try some new sales strategy, either of her own devising or building on a suggestion I made.  She made several trips to the apartment to make it look better and seemed to really care about it.  Her advice about strategy was always thoughtful, pragmatic and helpful.

I know that this process has been almost as frustrating for them as it has been for me, but they hung in there with good humor, professionalism and integrity.  I would be happy to offer my recommendation in any way it would be helpful to them.

I will close by thanking you for the meeting you held with me several months ago when sale's prospects looked especially bleak.  It was a comfort to know that you were accessible and willing to explore various options."

Was just a nice breath of fresh air when I was getting frustrated.

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