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 Sundays in the biz can be brutal... here's a quick example of what goes on.  And what it takes to be mentally and logistically on the ball.  I really believe this career has made me realize, each and every year, how much can be done.  The tough part is "turning it off", which many professionals deal with.

 A lot of events, research, marketing, and planning go into pulling off a busy weekend.  Clients have commented how they are surprised how agents synch things up.  In Chicago, most agents, or their team member, is present for a showing.  Trust me, this is much better... the client will get the whole story and be able to make an informed decision. But, it's not always easy to pull off.

Outside of showing appointments with a client, there is meeting and hiring contractors and cleaning crews for listing preparation, writing advertising, hosting our development open houses, showing my own listings, and researching properties for clients... this can all be done in one day.  The challenge of being "out there" actually makes one very resourceful.  If you can first be a problem solver for yourself, you can be one for clients:

A real Sunday...

Sunday in the biz

Sunday... 9:30am to 11:30am with a client looking at three bedrooms in the Lincoln Square, Northcenter and Ravenswood areas. We're going back for second showings at couple probables and one off-market condo we have not seen. I'm a particular expert in this market... three bedroom condos, duplex units and townhomes on the north and northwest sides of Chicago.

12:00 noon to 1:00PM... Drive to Bucktown, prep for an open house at a five bedroom, three and one-half bath single family home at 1845 Winchester. While there, I wrote up a listing agreement for a client's condo and organized the paper-work. It was a good afternoon and I spoke with a couple groups that were definately new construction home buyers in the $1.5M range that this house is in. I met another couple looking for a three bedroom condo in Bucktown for $450-$550K. We discussed some options and I look forward to working with them.

After the open house, I met great clients of mine for a walk-through of their single family home they are closing on in Lincoln Park. This has been a pain-in-the-ass negotiation and a good walk through was necessary to check the condition of the home. Looked good, outside of a minor refrigerator issue. The single family home was listed at $1,099,000. Watch for the closed price tomorrow!

After the walk-through, my clients and I met to go over their listing.  I have to project manage the preparation prior to putting the place on market. Got them covered and up to date.

At 7:00PM, met back with my client (from the morning) to write an offer on one of the three bedrooms we saw earlier in the day. We talked strategy on and off throughout the afternoon and prepared the offer at my home.

12:00 midnight... writing this blog post. I'm sure something happened today in the world, but I only know what was going on in Northcenter, Lincoln Square, Bucktown, Lincoln Park and Ravenswood... not in that order.

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