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Today is one of the days of the continuing saga of the Neighbor from you know where.  I still haven't provided the letter to end the use of property permission granted, but today I got a call from the Ministry of Highways accusing me of putting stuff on their right of way, which they have not used or looked after for 40 years.  Of course I have not put anything on their property, other than branches and stuff that have been cut by the neighbors or blown down in the storm, but it was very annoying that the Neighbor from You Know Where had the nerve to be such a busy body and actually call them on me.  I wish she would just leave me alone and get involved in all her own business.

Oh well, I am not ready to move. 

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Barbara Michaluk
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Pia, we are very excited that our neighbors from you know where have sold their home.  They have not settled yet but we are very much looking forward to our new neighbors -- whoever they are.  We have lived 17 years next door to a family who we considered undesirable.  Our way of keeping it civil was to never complain, throw anything back over the fence that landed in our yard or engage in any way with them other than waving hello.  We found them obnoxious but tried to tolerate them at best.  I feel that we finally have the pay off with them leaving.  I encourage you to try to think positive thoughts but don't give them a reason to complain about you.  We figured out very early on that we could not win with people who were insensitive of their affect on others.

Oct 23, 2009 09:37 AM


Keeping this diary of sorts is helpful. You may also want to consider putting up cameras at the front and back entries with the notice, "God is watching you and so are we." Not offensive, but effective with certain people.

Feb 15, 2010 06:43 PM