Credit Scores and improving them.

Mortgage and Lending with Everest Credit Services

I left the mortgage rat(e) race about a year ago to move into something that needed a lot more moral people in it than had been for some time. Credit Repair.

My history as a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, my refusal to ever participate in the sub-prime market during my mortgage days, and my history on Wall Street trading Mortgage Backed Products gave me a unique perspective into this industry and the necessity for AAA credit scores. The market finally caught up to my perspective.

I now work with over 200 mortgage professional helping them to improve their clients credit scores, as much as 160 points in 90 days (our best to date), which totally eliminated the LLPA on the deals at worst, and got loans for people who could not before at best. We DO offer a money back guarantee for our services!

I can show you how our program can help you to annuitize you business, help you close 15-20 more deals a year, improve relationships with your referral partners, once again offer to help close the "hard" loans, and most importantly, save your clients tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their loan in fees and extra interest.

Please contact me if you would like additional information on this. I can even show you how to retain clients by making credit repair effectively FREE for them.

Yes it works. We are proof. We guarantee it.


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