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Credit repair, help or hype? Risk based pricing (edit/delete)

Does credit repair work?

Of course it does if it is done by a reputable company with experience. Fact is 90% of all credit reports contain inaccurate data. That is no small number. After not being able to get clients qualified because of this I decided to do something about it.

The current average credit score is 692. With the risk based pricing, that means even your average customer will pay 1% in additional fees if he puts 20% down, to the Government for the joy of buying a home.

I started my own credit repair company based on a set of core values. Short answer, if I can't increase a clients credit score they pay nothing. In fact, they get $50.00 for letting me try.

Want to see what we can do? Go to:

Does your client know his credit score? Probably not, but fact is he can get a free one without having his credit "dinged" just by clicking on a link on our web page

If your client doesn't know his credit score in this market you should consider him unqualified and have him talk to a lender like before you ever show them a property.

I know you are hungry. We all are. This is why I started this organization. I got tired of sending people out to s credit repair company that charged $1500.00 or more with little to no results. HOW, can I be different I asked myself?

•1.     Money back guarantee

•2.     Proven results

•3.     Reasonable cost

My cost to the client are some of the lowest I have seen because 94.5% of the time I get the loan and I get to send the buyer back to the agent who sent them to me which results in even more referrals. My business is growing like crazy.

I need more loan officers if you know any who have washed out due to a lack of support. Please have them email me at

If you have a customer who doesn't know their own credit score, which in today's market is paramount to knowing whether their driver's license is current or not. Have them call me as well at 832-473-8795 or direct them to my website. . They will wind up yelling Credit 2-4-6-8, you made my credit really GREAT! Like so many others. If your credit is below par you will get a special discount as a referral partner, and your credit repair could even be FREE!

Another neat thing, since this is not a RESPA issue, you can get $25.00 for any client as soon as they sign up. I can even provide a link on your website that will let me know exactly where they came from, as you know the more links the easier it is for the search engines to find your website, also helping you. Check out for an example.

If the client does get approved once we start credit repair, and I get the loan. The client pays NOTHING! for the repair. It is all credited back at closing.

What are you waiting for? Want to close more deals?

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