Auction in Monett, MO, I was there were you?

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autction 004 My son call me this morning to say that the auction down the road had a couple of quilts at it. He also said, there was no need to go b/c it was all stuff I already had. (yeah right!)

autction 005 There were a lot of people that showed up to buy mostly b/c of the antiques that were available. After seeing how high the items were selling for I resolved that I was NOT going to be bringing anything home.

autction 011 I watched at least a couple of dozen different ladies fondle this top and comment. I figured it would be out of my price range fairly fast. I was hoping that I could at least get a bid in to say I ‘tried'

autction 012 I called our son and asked him to run by my house and grab the camera, I was hoping to a few pictures to remember the ‘one that got away'autction 013

He showed up just as I won the bid on a couple of boxes of barbies. I had too they were only $2.00 for choice of box. Sadly the camera didn't have its card in it. I decided to run back to the house and find it.autction 014 When I got back the quilts were already being auctioned, I didn't get picture of several of them but did get a few to share. I couldn't believe how low they were selling for. I assumed it was because everyone was waiting to save up their money for this beauty of a whole cloth hand-embroidery full size top

They started the bid at $200---- no takers, 150---100-50-no one- really? I jumped in at $25- couldn't believe it!!

I got raised and WON at $45! I am still in shock. The whole set, 2 pillows and the quilt, this is unreal.autction 016

Mike asked me how much paid and I said "I am not sure, I think 45 but I might have misunderstood, it could have been 145- he said, hope it wasn't 45-hundred!       How's that for a holiday scare.autction 017The pillow tops are in really good condition, I will probably take out the pillows and re-do the case. The quilt has some stains and is headed to take a bath- I am looking for a wall to display it on. Can't believe how much I LOVE this quilt- I know there is no way I would have made it myself, although I am now looking through my embroidery patterns to see how many of these flowers I have.

autction 015

Several other quilts and tops sold before I could get my heart back in the game. I did bid on a couple but only won one other.

I am thinking I need to hang out at more auctions, my ‘other' find was a little less expensive but priceless to me. A Full size hand quilted grandma's flower garden- there are a few places to patch but I have period fabric that should work. For what I paid I might not even fix it. Just hang it for display- - Oh my, the amount of work that went into these pieces- I was in the right place at the right time-

autction 019 

Today's experience reminds me of the home buying process.  I see people all the time that show up to look at a property, not knowing what their buying price is going to be.  The come to look with out being prepared to 'write' the check if they find what they want.  There were several at this auction that couldn't believe this piece didn't sell for more, one told me she didn't bid b/c she knew it would be too much.

Do clients do similar when they choose not to look at the perfect house b/c they think it will bring a higher price than they are willing to pay?   Sometimes to get what you really want you just have to take a chance and put in the bid.  Worked for me, let me help it work for you.

As always, when you are ready to seriously look at property in our beautiful part of the state, give me a call. until then feel free to look about on your own using my website.

Give me a shout if you want a friend to hang out with at the next auction- cw

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Lina Robertson
RE/MAX Solutions and RE/MAX House of Brokers - Springfield, MO
REALTORĀ® Serving Springfield, Nixa and Ozark, MO

Now how did I know that you wouldn't come home empty-handed?  Save your money...we have some gambling to do tomorrow night!

Oct 24, 2009 09:31 AM
Jim Springer - Foreclosures Springfield MO
RE/MAX Solutions - Highlandville, MO

Nice, bring them in to the office so that we can see.

Oct 26, 2009 04:25 AM
Dianne Deming
RE/MAX Realty Group - Rehoboth Beach, DE

What beautiful finds!  Congratulations!!  And I liked your analogy to the home buyer.  Good thoughts!

Oct 26, 2009 08:52 AM
Margaret Mitchell
Coldwell Banker Yorke Realty - York, ME
Seacoast Maine & NH Real Estate

Great find, Cheryl.  I'm glad these items found a good home!

Nov 13, 2009 09:16 AM