Advertising your Broker Opens and Open Houses effectively in Chicago

Real Estate Agent with Foxhall Investments

In a down market, knowing the tools that will make you more effective can make the difference between a struggling agent, and a successful one.  As technology opens up new advantages that make us quicker and more efficient, we are given the opportunity to do what we do better.

Broker Opens and Open Houses are two tools that many REALTORS simple are not taking full advantage of when it comes to the benefits of today's technology.

With the right enticements, Broker Opens can pull in dozens of buyers agents who might have the other piece of the puzzle you need to close the deal.  The first couple weeks are crucial in the listing period.  A "new" property is easiest to sell.  For this reason, you want to increase the exposure your new listings get by pulling out all the advertising stops you have.

With that said, and on the topic of using technology to make you more efficient, I highly suggest utilizing the open house/ broker open promotional website , next time you have a listing for sale.  Their website comes up on the front page of google for searches for chicago broker opens, they have over 1000 Chicago area Twitter followers, and send weekly announcements to their network of agents, buyers and service providers who are interested in Chicago homes for sale.

This is currently a FREE service so TAKE ADVANTAGE!  It takes only about a minute to fill out the details of your broker open or open house.  Free advertising is a great thing to have, especially in this economy.