Celebrating the Holidays in San Antonio,Texas

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Celebrating the Holidays in San Antonio,Texas

It's that time of year again. The weather is turning cooler, fall is in the air. The holidays can't be far away.  First things first. How are we going to celebrate Halloween this year? Costumes, trick or treating, scary pranks. Halloween parties. It is a fun holiday for everyone. Celebrating the Holidays always includes passing out candy to the kids and looking forward to seeing the little ballerinas and batmans at the door.

 That means that Thanksgiving isn't far behind. if you are lucky you get hugs from famliy that you haven't seen enough throughout the year. Then too much turkey and dressing and a nap in front of the football game on TV.

But wait! There's another holiday that you might be forgetting. Being of German decent I was not aware of it until I met and married my lovely wife some seventeen years ago. She is Hispanic in origin and has taught me several traditions that I now admire. For her Celebrating the Holidays is never complete without the observance of " El Dia de los Muertos" or The Day of the Dead also called All Souls Day. It is a tradition that originated in Mexico and other Latin countries thousands of years ago. It is celebrated on November first and is designed to remember loved ones who have passed on. Here in San Antonio, Texas Celebrating the Holidays includes taking flowers to the graves of the people in your family that gone to be with God. We also clean up the cemetery they are in and stay with them a little while as a way to honor their memory. One of the admirable qualities of the Hispanic culture is that they are very family oriented. El Dia de los Muertos is just another way of showing their respect to the people that were important in their lives.

So this year while your are Celebrating the Holidays be sure to take some time to remember the good things about those who have gone before you. Say a little prayer for the people who are responsible for  helping to make you who you are.

...oh, and one other thing... Happy Holloween!!!!!


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