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Capital Gains Deferral in Canada

Real Estate Sales Representative with Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam

  Does anyone have any case studies done about the benefit of a capital gains deferral in their town? 

  My government relations committee is looking for some examples to take to government and I'm just wondering if some other boards have done any work on this.  I know Victoria had done a case study but they focused more on the high cost of commercial properties and hopefully a deferral would bring those prices down to a more affordable level. 

  I'm looking for a case study that shows the decaying downtown city cores that are happening because owners don't want to sell due to the hit they take in capital gains.  The current Federal government had said they will do  this in their election promises but so far haven't fulfilled it...weird :)

  If anyone knows of a case study that they could share with me my email address is kyle@kylehislop.com


Kyle Hislop