FAQ- What Should I Know About Selling My Home in This Market?

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If would like to sell your home now, you must be realistic about market conditions.  Most importantly, you must price your home to sell!  Buyers determine the value of your home based on the selling price of other homes and by the competition (active listings) that are on the market.  In Bloomingdale, Roselle and Carol Stream alone, there are 406 detached homes for sale and 518 attached (condos, townhomes) for sale.  That's almost 1,000 choices for buyers, and only in 3 towns!  Only 83 properties (both attached and detached) sold in the past month in those three towns.  What will make the buyer choose your home, over these others?  Buyers need to find the value in your home.  For example, if your home has a gorgeous kitchen, and is priced close to a home that is similar, but with an average kitchen, then your home has more value than your neighbor. 

Homes that look right and are priced right sell first, so be sure to have your home ready to show.  Keep bathrooms and kitchens clean.  Make room in closets by storing unused clothes and shoes.  Remove clutter from each room- make the space clean and useable.  Look through your home with the eyes of a buyer and make changes where needed. 

Also, be patient.  Selling a home does not happen overnight, but a quick sale is possible if you are realistic about the price and condition of your home from the start.  Don't make the mistake of overpricing your home and then month after month dropping the price.  The buyers will see this as a reason to negotiate down in price even further.  Your Realtor can help you determine the best asking price and keep you up-to-date on what is selling in your neighborhood. 

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