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Dogs on Parade

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Yesterday the 25th. of October Del Ray had it's Halloween Parade. Mount Vernon Avenue was filled with little lions, bumble bees, pink poodles, cowboys, lobsters and squirrels. That was just the dogs! The kids adults and strollers were just as festive. Sweet William was to be a jester and had a new hat with ear holes so his ears were not pressed down. I think my Mom hid it. She is not a fan of dog clothes. She does understand the need for inclement coats and such. My favorite was the wagon of Chihuahuas. I heard them before I saw them. All chi owners know the bark. One of them was a  lobster. The other five had on simple sweaters to keep them warm. I put Sweet William in his knit gold lame sweater, He went as a drag queen, my daughter's Auntie David would have proud. William was very courteous. He only took exception with a Boxer { no costume } who rushed at him while William had a sniff and meet with a Maltese. To Williams credit he did not back down. He was however, pulled up fast!

I did not stay to hear who's dog was voted best costume. My little fella was very tired from all the walking.

Nor did I stay for the strolled judging. I do hope the five strollers that were linked together to look like the train to Hogwarts's won. The had one of the Dads on stilts as Hagrid.

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Carol, looks like you have a real cutie there... We have three Murphy Tne Short Sale Dogand getting them all dressed up for Halloween could be a lot of work...  But is would be a great diversion  from the day to day in the biz... 

Oct 26, 2009 07:26 AM