A Great Idea, You Should Really Follow Eagle Realty on TWITTER!

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

Ok, say what you like about TWITTER and Tweeting, and all the other "twi-" words, but here is the reality when it comes to Eagle Realty on twitter. New properties, sales, rentals, news in the myrtle beach and surrounding areas...in real time! I mean up to the minute, the second info as it hits you get it!

Follow: EagleRealtySC at www.Twitter.com/EagleRealtySC

Seriously, it's free and you can take advantage. I don't post (at least too often) that i am eating a donut or hanging out at BW3's watching the game (unles it is a bears or buckeyes game and then i really feel you ought to know)...but serious real estate news you can use and need to know!

follow EagleRealtySC @ www.Twitter.com/EagleRealtySC  

Have a Twifferic Week!!

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