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In this economy any ray of hope is given its chance, and should be, take on every lead as you would take on everyday, as if it was your last. Take your steps with pride and happiness, be thankful for whatyou have and tell those close to your heart how close they really are. Each day given to us is a gift from above and there is no reason to spend it any way other than giving it everything you can. And when you really think about it, attitude is everything in business and in life. So just give it a chance, give it a try, take every morning and every day and give it your best, give it your heart, give it your love, your all, and if you truly havegood intentions in your heart to help people in any way you can at your job, at your home, in your neighborhood, and everywhere else, you're going to find yourself so fulfilled that you will want to start every day this way. So try it, I dare you, take everything with a smile and a happy heart, and don't worry as much about whats to come. This climb, this mountain that we so desperately want to move, is just another path we have to reach the end of and why not enjoy whats all around you on the way? This climb, this wait, is the hardest, longest part so why save all of the celebration for victory?  Why not celebrate all the way through? Just keep your head held high don't let yourself bring you down, and don't let others. Anyone who brings you down is just reaching out in the dark, scrambling to hold it together, so help them, give them your hand and your heartand if they can't take it, then be their inspiration. Or be your own inspiration, just give yourself a chance, you'll see how great you can become.

Darrell Backen
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Oct 26, 2009 09:09 AM