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Garfield County Library Workshops for Home Staging and they were a Success!!!!!

Home Stager with Altitude Designs Home Staging of Colorado

Late September I scheduled 4 library workshops on Home Staging and the results were SUPER!!!! In fact so SUPER that I have been so busy still in October I am now just getting to blog about it.  One lady traveled 80 miles one way to hear about it and made an appointment. Another has me redesigning and making window treatments for her home. The librarians told me it was the most people they have ever had for workshops.


I used a power point presentation and showed them what not to do and what I could do for them. I also explained the average costs of home staging based on a home I had just staged which was priced at $415,000.00. They thought my costs were reasonable for our area. I explained to them that I work with the real estate industry to help market their property with the most profitable results.

What I learned from the homeowners was very important to my business and the real estate industry. They have lots of questions and want to know how to market their home using the internet and new marketing tools.market and economy. They want to know how to best use their money and get noticed. They are interested in home staging and understand the benefits and want to include their realtor in the process but didn't know how to ask the realtor about home staging. I was so excited that they were asking questions, they stayed late to talk to me. I had a realtor drop off her clients for this. They do get that they are dealing with hundreds of other homes as competition in this market and economy.

So what I think is we need to find a way to get the Homeowner, Realtor and Home Stager together and help the Sellers show the potential Buyers what great property they are selling . That is what they want!

So Realtors what can we as Home Stagers do to team up with you and help the Sellers and Buyers see the best of what the real estate industry has to offer? I would like help finding ways to work with you and assist the homeowners.  Please give me suggestions on this because I know after listening to the homeowner that they want and need this also.

I also met a Realtor named Brad Plantz with Sopris Realty who interacted with me and the homeowners about home staging. It was great!  I recommended AR and he joined so please WELCOME Brad Plantz!