Training REO Agents & Brokers!!!

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Hello everyone,

     First I want to thank all agents and brokers who have offered up some really good advice in my past blogs. Most of which has been very helpfull in gettting me over certain humps and continue to grow in this business. Now I am offering something back to you guys.

    First, I want to make a point of the fact that when I first became an agent, I joined a very well known real estate franchise thinking that I would get the best training and recognition. I found this to be exactly the opposite, I learned everything on my own and still had to give large portions of my checks to the Broker, "for what!" Im thinking. I expected agents to share their tricks of the trade, swap resources, and brokers would teach how they acheved success and cultivate little future brokers. So with thtis in mind, I am committed to building a company where everyone has equal opportunities for success and that includes REO's!!!

      So here it is!! I have commitments from several banks and asset management firms to continue doing buisness with us in geographic areas we are not covering YET! I am offering to train interested agents/brokers to manage REO contacts and listings OF THEIR OWN! This is NOT a referal or lead list, I am offering the real deal!  Some of you who have never done this before may be thinking "thats easy" but I promise you, it's not. I will be very upfront about it, the "REO game" is not for everyone. It requires very long hours, extreme organization skills to the point of OCD, and exceptional communication skills with a lot of humility. And if thats not enough you will need fair amount of cash reserves to cover all the expenses associated with it. However the rewards can be great and only limmited by you.

 Some of the areas in particular that certain banks have expressed intrest in needing more agent/broker coverage in the near future are San Jose, Stockton, Fresno, Sacramento, Riverside, Victorville, San Bernadino, and Fontana. We may be considering expanding to Las Vegas and Florida also.

 Thank you and I look forward to working with you.


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