Side Note - Save Money this Holiday & Offer Your Clients savings

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Hello everyone - this blog is off topic, but I wanted to inform you about the following...


No matter where you turn you hear "The economy is down", "Spending is down" etc...

I am sure if you have not heard of blastoff you soon will.  Blastoff just launched and allows users a FREE membership/site to save at over 400+ Major Retailers plus travel (Southwest airlines,, etc), wireless (the best deals with companies competing like sprint, att, verizon, etc), and special home services promotions just for blastoff members (internet,cable,phone).

Short Video Explains it here

Heres the best part about how it works - If you have learned anything in the past about affiliate marketing then you will see the power of blastoff.  Affiliate marketing is basically this:  A Store such as Target pays a fee (lets say 2%) to a person who refers paying customers to their website.  What blastoff has done is created you a website so that when you shop at target or any of the other stores, YOU GET THAT FEE as CASHBACK.  Plus special promo coupons.


I've already seen crazy offers such as:

- 17% Cashback on my ink jet catridge purchases

- Itunes Buy one song get one free

- 89.99/month full service home/internet/cable (60.00 less per month than I currently pay!) plus I get 30.00 cash back as a blastoff member.


You can also give it to clients, friends, and family so they too can save money.  I believe it is a must have anytime, but especially now that holiday shopping is right around the corner.

Anyways Visit the short video to see exactly how it works and for your free membership!


Again - I know this is an off topic blog, but for something that is Free and helps us all to save money I think many of you will enjoy it.

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