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Let's start today by reviewing our day planner.

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Real Living GreatWest
How many appointments will you have today with someone who has a need to buy or sell real estate? How much time will be dedicated to developing new business? How much of your time today will be spent servicing and crisis management?

How do you respond to the crisis that seem to be a part of every real estate professional's day?

In today's market of high maintenance buyers and sellers it seems we are forced to deal with one calamity after another. Just as your day is bringing good news you are plunged immediately into a vast maelstrom of bad news, and sometimes for days after endless days, you never get a breather. There's the property that didn't appraise. The transaction that is near collapse because of a bank who doesn't respond. The buyers who can't seem to pull the trigger on "the perfect home". And of course, the endless parade of sellers who want more for their property than the market will bring.

Are you a sure footed professional with a set of personal qualities that lend themselves to success in our business. Through all of your challenges will you be demonstrating the leadership traits clients are looking for such as poise and the willingness to make quick bold judgments and then not brood about them? Do you radiate a sense of calm, a sense of confidence, a penetrating intelligence and the ability to pick through potentially complex problems as well as the ability to bring others together for a common goal?

Being a professional real estate agent today does not just mean knowing how to find properties through the MLS! It requires the skills and dedication necessary to search out and solve the most difficult problems in an effective and efficient manner while continuing to search daily for others who have a need you can service.

It would be easy to say we are too busy solving problems to develop new business, but that would just be a reason we would use to excuse our lack of real problem solving and crisis management skills. And what client wants to hire someone without those very important skills?

Thought for today: We do not grow unless we force ourselves to grow.

Have a productive day!
Keith Burke
Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors - Belleville, IL


Once again excellent post!

Oct 27, 2009 12:32 PM