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How The Internet Will Look 5 Years From Now

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From the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2009, Eric Schmidt from Google discussed some ideas on how the internet will look in five years.


  • The internet will be primarily Chinese content
  • Internet will be predominantly mobile
  • Information will be produced and distributed more by video than text or readable content
  • Broadband in the Western world will exceed 100MB in performance
  • Distribution of radio, television, and cable will be eliminated into one source
  • Video content (as distributed on YouTube) will be increasingly profitable. Beyond home videos and geared towards marketing, instructables, and education.
  • Real-Time information for news and updates (such as Twitter) will be just as valuable as traditional information, and be able to be ranked.
  • User-generated content and information will be mainstream and looked toward more than traditional sources

It is up to us and our businesses to watch the flow and trends and keep up to date with the shift of time.

Li Read
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Interesting, and you're right...we all have to be on the page of change.   When shift occurs, there's no turning away from it.   The past is exactly that.   

Oct 27, 2009 10:38 AM