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Don't be fooled by the beauty of the seemingly quiet Westchester at Contee Crossing Apartment complex.  While the apartments are aesthetically pleasing to the eye the upkeep for the inside hallways leaves much to be desired.  The cleaning crew can be seen "spot" cleaning the ceramic tile flooring every 2 months or so.  Only when a complaint is made will they come out and really clean.  Further, once you've made a complaint the management team does nothing and I repeat "NOTHING" to remedy the problem.  We once found a used condom in the stairwell and reported it to the office.  One week later the condom was still there.  I went to the office and had one of the leasing representatives come with me to the stairwell where I showed them the USED condom.  I was told it would be cleaned up immediately.  Immediately in this complex means 3-5 days later.  Also, when you sign your lease it's extremely clear what you can and cannot do on the property.  However, some residents are allotted apparent preferential treatment and can do whatever they like.  The majority of the residents are considerate but there are a few that aren't.  Again, if you complain to management NOTHING will be done.  We have been plagued with noise outside of bedroom windows in the summer months by some inconsiderate residents.  You expect some noise because the weather is nice, however, after 10:00 p.m. the noise should cease.  Unfortunately, there are some residents that either can't read or just don't care.  I have personally witnessed people shooting cramps on the sidewalk at 3:00 a.m., men sitting on the retaining wall drinking beer, talking loudly at 1:30 a.m.  You can call the police who will respond but the residents will disburse only to return once the police have left.  There are residents who are in direct violation of their lease when it comes to cleaning up waste from their dog.  I complained about it and management told the resident it was me that complained and it resulted in an altercation with that resident in the breeze way.  Many times management was alerted to these issues and others and their response was "we can't correct things unless we are made aware".  Once made aware management AGAIN does nothing to correct the problem...rather they add to it.  The apartment complex is roughly at 50% capacity.  It appears that as fast as leasing gets a new tenant another tenant is leaving of their own accord or they are being evicted.  I haven't met a single person that has renewed their lease.  I have however met quite a few residents that have also made complaints to management and now realize that it's futile.  While I know it's wrong to stop paying your rent I can honestly say that I understand such drastic measures in dealing with Westchester at Contee Crossing.  Management is extremely lazy.  Most days the community manager can be found outside of the leasing office smoking in the garage.  You can bring your issues to the leasing office but understand that NOTHING will be done to alleviate the issue.  I am speaking from my own personal experience.  I went over the head of the community manager (smoker in garage) to the operations manager because of the noise coming from the apartment below us.  I sent two letters to this individual with no response until I sent the same two letters to her supervisor.  She responded to my letters at this time but did NOTHING to address my issues with the apartment.  Instead she spent most of her time explaining to me in an email that I can't break my lease.  Westchester will be all smiles to get you to sign the lease for the "luxury" apartment...remember the condom in the stairwell?  The community manager did listen to my concerns and actually appeared to care and want to assist.  However, she lied to my face after my fourth letter regarding the same issue.  My frustration level is off the charts!  Too bad for me as I've signed a lease for one year and there's not much I can do about it.  I have consulted with an Attorney who did advise that I am entitled to the covenant of quiet enjoyment...which I have constantly reminded management to no avail.  I feel like my hands are tied and I'm royally SCREWED.  Think long and hard before signing a lease with Westchester at Contee Crossing. 

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