A new "green"campus rises in Hamden

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On Sunday morning I looked out of a second story window at home and saw something sparkling in the distance, where Quinnipiac University is building the new 250 acre York Hill Campus in Hamden. The sparkles were coming from the new "windmills" which the university has erected to generate power for the campus. On Monday, I decided to check things out. A few months ago there was only one windmill, and now it looks like there are a dozen or more.

As you can see, there are no blades on these structures. They are verticle axis turbines, manufactured by Mariah Power. Not only do they have a distinctive look, their design allows them to run silently. There will eventually be 42 of these 40' turbines at the site, adding architectural interest to a garden below. It should be a fascinating gathering spot for students and visitors alike. And an example of what new energy can look and sound like. Eventually this campus will be one of the "greenest" in the United States.

Quinnipiac Campus Windmills

 We neighbors of Quinnipiac U. watch   with fascination as the university continues to gobble up and develop large tracts of land. There are now three campuses - two in Hamden and one in North Haven. Quinnipiac University is known for its excellent health science majors. The school is well positioned to meet the growing demand for health professionals. Graduates with majors in physical therapy have their pick of jobs anywhere in the country.

 Hamden enjoys many benefits being a college town. Quinnipiac U. is the largest employer in town. The school hosts cultural events open to the public, and thousands of students bring life to the many small business in town that cater to their needs.

It is worth a trip to see the York Hill  campus, which currently boasts two stadiums, dormatories and a parking garage. The views of the surrounding countryside and New Haven harbor are magical. It will be fascinating to see this campus develop over the years.

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